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That slender, sinuous Siamese body wasn't built for baby-
making so Siamese have an average of two, maybe three kittens
a litter. Once, a Siamese of mine raised four kittens. Five
kittens are as rare as hen's teeth. But a queen called Phantom
was a baby-making machine. Some of her many offspring are
pictured below.

Luka and his sky-blue eyes

Lord Tate
(father of Phantom's summer litter)

Luca Hope
(Kitten from 2015 litter of Phantom and Lord Tate)

Here is Phantom's February 2016 litter
Seven weeks old

Phantom's February 2016 litter
Six weeks old

Phantom's February 2016 litter
Five weeks old

Phantom's February 2016 litter

More of Phantom's 2016 litter

Phantom's April 2015 litter

There were only two kittens in a previous litter of Phantom's.
Their new owner named the boy Mr. Cuddles for his
affectionate personality while the graceful girl with the
instincts of a huntress is called Princess, because she is.

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