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Who says Siamese are Bad? Not Patience's
daughter Silvy. She just got into mischief, like
all intelligent kittens. Living up to her registered
name, Zsuzse's Swiftwing, she was quick to
explore anything that caught her curiosity as a
kitten and lots caught her curiosity.
Why are there pictures hanging on the wall when
they could be lying on the floor?
Why is there a Christmas tree in the living room
if not to entertain the Siamese?
Why is the door shut to the shower stall or the
pantry or the broom closet?
Futile to try to keep this fearless Amazon out of
anywhere she wants to be.
Silvy, who is a seal lynxpoint, is having new
adventures now.
She last gave birth to five kittens. Unbeknownst
to each other, two of the new owners chose
"Loki" as the name for their new kitten. Loki is
the Norse god of mischief. Mischieviousness is
an inherited trait, evidently.

Zsuzse's Swiftwing's kittens

Silvy's 2005 kittens, Waffle and Tiki

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