Zsuzse Siamese is now located in Nova Scotia, in East Chezzetcook,
just outside Dartmouth.

We got kittens! We got lots and lots of kittens. We have short
haired Siamese and longer haired Balinese kittens, both boys and
girls, both ready to go to their new homes in November, 2023. Given
a choice, you might want one of the bold kittens determined to
explore the bigger world every time their nursery door opens or one
of the more cuddly types who wants a warm lap to snuggle on. Both
personalities passed their vet exams and are super healthy and
growing like weeds.

We are Siamese if you please.
We are Siamese if you don't please.

The most individualistic breed of cat -- loving,
athletic, demanding of attention.
Top quality, Championship stock. Bred for
personality and beauty.



Suzanne Zwarun
East Chezzetcook, Nova Scotia,

phone: (902)281-2084

Email: zwaruns@eastlink.ca

Zsuzse Siamese
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Suzanne Zwarun.......zwaruns@eastlink.ca

Last updated Oct, 2023
Created by Gail H. Runge July 19,2003