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Sweet Leilani, Heavenly Flower ...
Tropic skies are jealous of your blue eyes


Leilani's 2011 kittens

Well, the old Hawaiian song got the blue eyes right. Sweet and
heavenly? Not so much, when it comes to my Leilani. With
apologies to T.S. Eliot, she's the master criminal who can defy
the Law. For when you reach the scene of crime-Leilani's
not there! She bedevils the older cats, breaks the law of gravity as she balances on door tops, carries away pens and pencils,
never to be seen again. When the larder's looted, the milk is
missing, my jewel-case is rifled and necklaces scattered
everywhere, it must have been Leilani. But she always has an
alibi, and one or two to spare.
Leilani doesn't need an alibi for her accomplishments as a
mother. In 2011, she raised five beautiful kittens who were
fathered by TICA's sixth best cat in North America, Supreme
Grand Champion Balimoor Ding My Bell. This June, she gave
birth to a smaller family of three who will be ready for their
new homes in September 2012.
They have all found homes but one of LouieLouie's kittens,
born June 14, is still available.

For more information contact:

Suzanne Zwarun


2012 - nine weeks

2012 Kittens

2011 Kittens at seven weeks

Leilani's 2011 kittens


Balimoor Ding My Bell

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