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Blue as the deep blue sea. Blue as a summer sky. Blue as the
jewel for which she is named. Sapphire has the bluest eyes of
all the Zsuzse Siamese cats.
Sapphire is a bluepoint whose registered (TICA and CFA)
name is Zsuzse's Sapphirewing.
In 2010, Sapphire was mated to Zeedaz Tickety Bloo of
Balimore, an impressive Quadruple Grand Champion on the
TICA cat show circuit. Together, they produced two
beautiful kittens. The bluepoint girl was so beautiful I
decided to keep her as my next mum. She's called Calypso
and youll be hearing more about her.

For more information, contact:
Suzanne Zwarun


Zeedaz Tickety Bloo of Balimore

Sapphire's Kittens Born April, 2010

more recent of Sapphire's Kittens Born April, 2010

Sapphire's 2008 Kittens

Sapphire and friends

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