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Zoe and Serena teamed up to raise their kittens
this year. Both litters were fathered by a boy
called Solo because he was a singleton, the only
kitten in his litter. Quite a different story this
summer when both Zoe and Serena gave birth
to kittens a month apart. Zoe was a first time
mother but she seems to have been born to her
calling. She raised four kittens without a single
problem. Two just flew off to Edmonton, two
are remaining with Halifax owners. But if
you're hoping to get a kitten, you're in luck--
Serena still has available kittens. Both boys and
girls. Probably chocolate points. Ready for their
new homes in July.

For more information contact:
Suzanne Zwarun


Serena and Zoe's Spring 2022 kittens

Serena and Zoe on the sofa
(Resting from raising kittens)

Solo hiding under the chair
(Father of the kittens)

2021 January Kittens at five weeks

2021 January Kittens at two weeks

2020 Easter kittens at two weeks

Resting up to give birth in April 2020.

Serena with Lord Tate,
(father of her expected 2020 kittens)

Lord Tate is a blue point Balinese

Dec 2019 litter - two months old

Dec 2019 litter - three weeks old

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