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Silke laboured long and successfully in June
and brought six kittens--a huge litter for an
Oriental-- safely into the world.
They're thriving, growing like weeds. There
are both boys and girls but the colour of their
points won't be evident for quite a while yet.
The colour points of the kittens are likely to be
seal, chocolate, blue or lilac.
Neither is it evident yet whether they will be
long or short- haired, Balinese or Siamese in
other words.
To give daddy his due--Solo, chocolate point
Balinese--did his job very well.

For more information contact:
Suzanne Zwarun


Silke and her June 2021 kittens
(at five days old)

Silke and her February 2021 kittens
(at two weeks old)

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